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Web site managment
Monthly marketing and development for your site.

You've got a great site, we'll help you keep it that way.

 Your needs:  

  • You have a web site, but you need someone to update it.
  • You want someone to actively and regularly make sure you are doing everything you can to get good search engine rankings.
  • You need someone to monitor your traffic and search engine rankings - to determine new opportunities and threats, and proactively act upon them.
  • You want someone to handle your monthly marketing, email campaigns, and/or pay per click advertising.
 The solution   

When you retain Real Online Marketing, it's like having your own Internet Marketing team working for you each and every month, at a fraction of the cost.

Moreover, you are hiring dedicated Internet Marketing experts that have been doing this since the birth of the commercial internet.

 How we help you:   

Every month, without prompting, Real Online Marketing can help you any of the following items:

  • Create new pages (or web sites).
  • Monitor your statistics - to increase what is working to get you business, and eliminate what isn't.
  • Monitor and report on your search engine rankings.
  • Create and send monthly email newsletters.
  • Manage your pay-per-click advertising to get you a bigger bang for your advertising dollar.

A monthly web site management retainer makes sense because you get proactive marketing and development for your web site. Plus, the more monthly hours you retain, the greater your rate is discounted (up to 42% off).

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 Experience, expertise, and trust:  

The professionals at Real Online Marketing can keep your Web site fresh and make sure you are doing all you can with it to get new business from the Web.

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We can help you:

 Get more traffic

 Get more sales

 Get a pro appearance

 Get email marketing

 Get ongoing support

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Web site management

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